In the newsfeed premium ghost theme, we added dynamic dropdown navigation.

You don’t need to edit any files to make the dropdown menu in the Newsfeed Ghost theme. Just add the menu items from ghost admin dashboard.

For example, you want to add dropdown Menu for Pages,

Example :

Pages [has_child]
Authors [subitem]
Tags [subitem]
Blog Details [subitem]

In the admin dashboard, it will look like that,

For the Parrent Item ( Pages ) we added an extra selector [has_child] , which meanch Pages have the child sub items. So under that we used [subitem] for Author, Tags, Blog Details

Its very simple. If you import the demo, you will get the navigation item included there as like our demo.

How to get Multi-Level Dropdown?

In the Newsfeed Ghost theme, it support 2 level dropdown. So you can make the multi-level dropdown like the example below:

Here is the admin dashboard screenshot which should follow:

For the first level, we need to add [-] and for the 2nd level [--] also the [subitem] is common there.