Normally if you want to add a mega menu in ghost then its really bit complex for the noncoders. But in newsfeed ghost theme you add mega menu without a single line coding or theme modification.

For example, you want to add Mega Menu for Explore like the following way please follow the steps :

In the Newsfeed Mega menu we used total 6 items with 1 heading. So you must add 6 subitem in each column.

Example :

Explore [has_child] [has_megamenu]
Heading 1 [subitem] [title]
Col1 1A [subitem]
Col1 1B [subitem]
Col1 1C [subitem]
Col1 1D [subitem]
Col1 1E [subitem]
Heading 2 [subitem] [title]
Col2 2A [subitem]
Col2 2B [subitem]
Col2 2C [subitem]
Col2 2D [subitem]
Col2 2E [subitem]
Heading 3 [subitem] [title]
Col1 3A [subitem]
Col1 3B [subitem]
Col1 3C [subitem]
Col1 3D [subitem]
Col1 3E [subitem]
Heading 4 [subitem] [title]
Col1 4A [subitem]
Col1 4B [subitem]
Col1 4C [subitem]
Col1 4D [subitem]
Col1 4E [subitem]

Here i attached a screenshot, how it looks in Admin Dashboard.

If you need just Dropdown Menu in your Ghost Blog then you can follow the link bellow