Import Demo Automatically

Importing demo data on our WordPress theme is very simple. Go to the Dashboard and select Appearance->Import Demo Data then  Click on “Import Demo Data”, save the changes when it’s done.

If you’ve already used the One Click Demo Install, then you no longer need to import demo manually. In case you don’t use the Demo Importer, then follow the next section to import data manually.

Import Demo Manually

If you want to go with the demo data which is available on the theme, then you’d need to import the sample data. To import the sample data manually, first go to the left sidebar (Dashboard), then choose Tools > Import > WordPress > “Install Now” (from the list), once you’ve clicked “Install Now” you’ll see the button changed to “Run Importer” click on it now. Then you will see the “Import WordPress” option which allows you to upload a .xml file from the Demo Content folder (file name: demo-content.xml) found inside the extracted folder that you get from the download theme package (a zip file).

Once you imported the demo-content, you’ll be presented with another screen where you’d need to select the user and check mark download attachment, then finally click “Submit”. Check out the following screenshot.