To remove or edit the Editor Pick section, please open the index.html file and then find the following code :

<section class="feature-area bg-light pb-4">
<div class="container-fluid">
   <div class="divider mb-4"></div>
   <div class="feature-card">
	  <div class="feature-content">
		 <span  class="label bg-secondary">Editor Pick</span>
		 <div class="content-wrapper">
			<h2><a class="hover-link" href="single.html">How to make him miss you more: 38 secret strategies</a></h2>
			<ul class="meta-data small separate m-0 list-inline mb-3">
			   <li class="list-inline-item"><span>11 Aug 2020</span></li>
			   <li class="list-inline-item">3 mins read	</li>
			<p>The on between in or her think, there brilliant. Creative he than small expand in past, ideas twists a the have founded, peace can in subject success even the economics to too shudder.</p>
		   <div class="clearfix"></div>
			<a class="d-block mt-3 font-weight-bold hover-link" href="single.html">Continue Reading</a>
	  <a class="feature-img position-relative" href="#">
	  <img src="assets/image/blog-img15.jpg" alt="image" />
	  <span class="overlay"></span>

Now you can delete the entire section or just edit it as your need.